Rainy Days Are Good For Cooking

Yesterday was a beautiful day. We knew we were going to get some rain so I started brainstorming what I would be cooking because well most of us when we are home all day we want to snack or eat stuff you know when its rainy and you can’t go anywhere.

I wanted to make sure I had a plan. So I quickly started looking at Jessica’s recipes from Ultimate Guide & Ketogenic Edge Cook book.  I love her cookbooks you can find here so yesterday I made the Ketogenic Brownies so good! I love knowing every ingredient going into your recipe less guilt right..:) Plus I put on the Dairy Free Keto icing you can also find on their site by clicking here . I’m super excited about making lunch today I’ll be making from Jessica’s cookbook Deep Dish Keto Meatza Pie.. Which you can check their site out here. I’ve just been experimenting and seeing which recipes work for me and my husband and see if they will work for us. What works for me might not work for you and what works for you might not work for me..So anyway my whole thing is to eat healthy meals and live a healthy life and as long as I feel good I will keep doing what I’m doing today its rainy but life goes on getting ready to do a workout which will be Tabata Power and I think I’ll have time to do a ab workout as well. What do you do on a rainy day? Do you read do you workout? I try to keep as busy as I can so I don’t feel like its a lazy day. Keep moving is my thing you sit you don’t want to get back up. Have a great day! Be sure to check out Jessica’s recipes she has some great ones. Also if you have the time watch some of Tristan’s videos he has so many good points and it helps you understand. I know I was overwhelmed with some of the foods but they cook more like what I like knowing every ingredient that I put in my recipes makes me happy. I put her brownies and Meatza pie in the pictures click on them to go to their site.


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