So I finally got in day 78 Total Body Core tried yesterday but when you know your body is saying you need to stop you stop. So today I was feeling better and push through it. Boy did it work the core you feel it everywhere hince Total Body. Anyhow getting through this was quite the challenge today but I did it 2 rounds. The sad part is its coming to an end we have almost done 80 days wow. I’m seriously thinking about doing it again. I feel sometimes by doing it over maybe you can do it better, know more how to balance, stand, lift and everything. A few pictures of our moves using resistance bands. It was a challenge but every time I have to smile and say I did it. Of course before I started my workout today I did do a eshot to give me energy through the workout.

So for the equipment we used weights, sliders, & resistance bands I feel it what a great workout! Tomorrow will be Cardio Core so we will get to work our core more who don’t like working their core. I highly recommend to anyone to do the 80 day Obsession if you’re looking for an everyday workout. I will take some time off and probably do some other workouts and yes probably do the 80 day again I believe




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