The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb

I’ve been trying new things and it gets overwhelming sometimes on what to make when to make it how much right? Well I’ve been cooking out of The Ultimate Guide Cookbook and you can’t go wrong so many good recipes, healthy, delicious, & filling. You need to check it out by going here.  Keto is new to me I’m still testing it out but listening to Tristan & Jessica I’ve learned so much. They give coaching that has help me understand what you need to make things work. Jessica has put a lot of hard work in her cookbooks and you can tell. So go on over to Primal Edge Health and see what all they have.

They are a caring family sharing with others about their health & lifestyle. You’ll find Tristan on youtube, instagram, & podcast on their page.

The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking is a complete breakdown for healthy baking on a ketogenic diet. The cookbook includes a thorough introduction to making oven-fresh goods on a ketogenic/low-carb diet, lists recommended equipment and ingredients, and presents kitchen tips and suggestions on how to maximize nutrient density in your recipes. The book is designed for individuals and families who enjoy breads, cookies, cakes and more but also want to maintaining a low-carbohydrate intake and/or follow daily ketogenic macronutrient parameters.



So I finally got in day 78 Total Body Core tried yesterday but when you know your body is saying you need to stop you stop. So today I was feeling better and push through it. Boy did it work the core you feel it everywhere hince Total Body. Anyhow getting through this was quite the challenge today but I did it 2 rounds. The sad part is its coming to an end we have almost done 80 days wow. I’m seriously thinking about doing it again. I feel sometimes by doing it over maybe you can do it better, know more how to balance, stand, lift and everything. A few pictures of our moves using resistance bands. It was a challenge but every time I have to smile and say I did it. Of course before I started my workout today I did do a eshot to give me energy through the workout.

So for the equipment we used weights, sliders, & resistance bands I feel it what a great workout! Tomorrow will be Cardio Core so we will get to work our core more who don’t like working their core. I highly recommend to anyone to do the 80 day Obsession if you’re looking for an everyday workout. I will take some time off and probably do some other workouts and yes probably do the 80 day again I believe