Today was day 72 of 80 Day Obsession I can’t believe I’m almost all the way through. I believe I will be doing the 80 day again just because I love the different muscles it works.

Taking the best nutrition  is how I got through this I love Isagenix. Through this 72 days working out 6 days a week has taught me alot you can’t just workout without eating right. I have watched what I eat everyday eating clean is the only way to feel amazing.

Today we did Total Body Core 2X15’s working everything challenging the core and maximize strength gains and calorie burn. Getting my heart rate up makes me happy to know I’m having calorie burn. Using Weights light, medium & heavy, resistance loops, strength sliders was truly a total body workout. I love working the abs feel like everything is getting challenged no regrets. Is it hard? Of course it is challenging or I wouldn’t like it. Challenge yourself everyday a little further and see how far you can get.

Helping people is what I like to do the most when I can help people lose a few pounds or slim down by just giving them some pointers and they let me know how much it has helped makes my day. Helping a friend out right now just pointed a few things they could do different and they called me to tell me their clothes are already fitting better.:) That makes me happy. Feel free to message me if your needing help.

First picture is showing all the total body workout equipment, 2nd picture is my post workout strawberry shake 




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