Working FOR PIE

Today was booty I’ve had to take it a little easier until I heal. But I have a few days after today. Anyway I decided the other night why not make a pie. Not just any pie though SUGAR FREE APPLE PIE so good without the guilt sugar free, zero aftertaste plus my family loves it..


Everybody likes a sweet now and then so why not make something that didn’t take me that much time. I’ve made this Sugar Free Apple pie before so good.

One reason I workout and walk is I love working off any extra goo that don’t need to be there. After my booty workout to have my shake that fills me up till lunch time. Make sure you prep or have a plan otherwise when you get hungry hard telling what you might eat because you want it now if you’re like me. I try to think about lunch ideas, dinner ideas before the week so get your list ready and prep and then you’re ready for the week.

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