I get thirsty working these hard workouts so I have to make sure I’m fueling my body right. That is why I choose this HYDRATE vs Gatorade or some other sugary drink. In ours there are no artificial colors, dyes, or sweeteners. Kids love them too! Did you know our HYDRATE has the same amount of sugar as a beet or medium apple? All natural fuel for my body, helping sustain energy through my workouts.


Workout today was Total Body Core 3 rounds of different moves little did I know how much resistance bands and sliders help build strength, oh ya we used weights too! What a great calorie burn though. A few of the exercises burpees on the sliders, sea saw on the sliders, weights, & pushups oh my killer I can’t believe we are on day 60 already.  The days are going by so fast only 20 to go but I feel stronger. You have to know your body sometimes I feel it I can lift those 20s and there are days I know I can only do 8s & 10s that is just the way it is. We had 3 rounds today I said no way I’m only doing 2 I ended up going to the end. Tell yourself YES I CAN!




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