Today was day 58 of 80 day obsession. The workout was CARDIO FLOW I have to say I wanted to quit more than once on this because it was hard it just seem to keep getting harder but somehow I powered through it. The workout starts out with inchworms 4 times then spider push ups 4 times you do two rounds of that in the beginning. Thank goodness I have my eshot to get through the workouts. Next you do angel jumps how high can you jump, then duck walks, gorilla, jump throughs, bear, crab, donkey jumps & frog. Repeat each 8 times. I kept thinking I’m not going to do the next round but you do and say alright only 6 more rounds to go. Each round seemed to get more intense you’ll see a few of my pictures. You have to convince your mind you can do this age is just a number what do you know soon she said last ONE..I made it.

Could not wait to make my delicious LOW-CARB WAFFLES so good and filling. .Plant base, Keto, gluten free, high fiber. I love waffles I don’t love the carbs and smothered sugary syrups after feeling awful. Not with these they are so delicious. If you have a chance check it out here and get the sugar-free maple syrup too! I love knowing that I had a wholesome, low-glycemic and protein rich breakfast. These are vegan friendly proteins. Don’t forget to enter the contest on my instagram one lucky winner will win a free jar of Suntella chocolate spread, plus you’ll be entered in the Grand prize giveaway so go tag 2 people and enter you have till tomorrow. Go to this link to enter. GOOD LUCK!!


Angel jump & squat


Donkey Kick then frog jump


Duck walk

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