So I’ve been working out to 80 day obsession everyday even when I went on vacation might not done it quite as good as at home but I did it. We’re into phase 3 and it is not getting any easier but hey if it was easy I probably wouldn’t be satisfied right?

Yesterday was Cardo flow and I was doing a cleanse day its a head game most the day I did great but just knowing I’m cleansing I seem to think I struggle with working out on those cleanse days are great though I love getting rid of toxins that build up.

Today was leg day a whole new week we’re in phase 3 now so we’re in shedding phase so more jumping moves. Not lifting as heavy all the time. Autumn always has a point to every phase and it is working. Have to say I couldn’t do my workout without my amazing products  give me so much energy to get through every workout and day. As you can see from my pictures different moves now working different muscles. Using Sliders and weights to day working the legs from front, sides, & back. Plus we did skater jumps, sumo jumps repeat. I’m sure I will feel it when I going walking later. Remember to take time for you I take an hour or two a day for me and then give the rest to my family & work. 20953683_10214239511845713_8665007934414447499_n.jpg

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