So today was day 44 of Obsession and of course before I could start I had to take my e+  along lasting, flavorful energy shot made with natural-sourced, plant based caffeine and adaptogens.  Without this I can’t get through my workout near as good especially the workouts lasting more than 50 minutes.

Everyday is a challenge no matter who you are I’m not doing this for anyone but me. Getting healthier, fitter, faster, & better for me.  Make it fun is what I do ya if you have a someone to workout with by all means it makes it fun!  You have the opportunity to get better so that is what I work on.

Today was Cardio Flow sometimes I don’t want to finish yeah even me but I knew I had to so I could get out of it what I’m expecting. Don’t settle for less. Workout today had so many different moves one of my favorites is mule to frog.

After my workouts I look forward to my shakes to keep me energized throughout the day.  Having my shakes & other products has help me kick sugar to the kirb.

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