You see muscles on me and you probably think she really lifts its not just about working out its what I”m putting into my body some of the best nutrition  is helping me feel the energy, build strength, & muscles. Yes working out is part of it but to get this way you have to put the right things in your body.  Some get tired of the shakes so if you do you can eat healthy pancakes or some other source of protein after you workout.

Creating exceptional nutrition that makes positive difference in millions of people’s lives is a very complex process. Master Formulator John W. Anderson and our Research and Development Team actively nurture collaborative relationships with experts from diverse disciplines to stay abreast of ever-evolving nutritional science. They are constantly consulting academic experts and medical professionals to create no-compromise products with the utmost of efficacy.

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Day 27 already this is going fast. Turning up the intensity on the next phase of working out. Been working out to #80dayobsession and you feel it different muscles every day.

Traveling will not slow me down even if I can’t do the right workouts with schedule I will do something to stay committed. Don’t give up on yourself there is always something you can do walk, cardio, pushups just do it. I’m lucky I have the right products to travel with.

I thought since I work my booty today I would put up a booty workout want to make it more intense put bands around your legs see where mine are. I definitely feel a difference.



This bag is bananas! Purely Elizabeth has created a great-tasting granola without any grains or oats. Instead each serving features organic fruit puree, superfood seeds, cashew butter, coconut oil, and a touch of vanilla and sea salt. These familiar tasting clusters have no refined sugar and are certified gluten-free, vegan, organic, and non-GMO. I love putting this on top of my delicious Isalean Cookies & Cream shake. This hits the spot plus adding a little banana for good health.