What’s the + All About in e+ Energy Shots?


These herbal components are what make our e+ shot such an “A+” product. While the naturally sourced  from green tea and yerba mate are key components of e+, the real superstar (the +) is the adaptogen blend. Adaptogens have been shown to help the body’s response to stress and capacity to perform and function under stressful circumstances.† That’s a whole lot of power bottled up in a 2-ounce e+ shot! If you start to feel the effects of a busy day in the office, or the strains of the midday shuffle, reach for e+.

Elevate Your Performance

The adaptogen profile in e+ has been shown to positively support the performance of athletes on various levels, including mentally and physically.† This strategically focused adaptogen profile has become a favorite amongst the sports performance market, as e+ can easily be incorporated into preworkouts or any time of day where a boost of energy is needed – morning, midday, or afternoon.

Some of the components that make up the adaptogen blend in e+ have shown to increase speed and accuracy during stressful cognitive tasks.† Those components include rhodiola, eleuthero root, and schizandra berry that also carry beneficial effects on endurance and stamina during athletic performance.†

Get Your Head in The Game

Mental performance can be just as taxing on the body as physical performance, which is why e+ is made with no-compromise ingredients that supply the body with additional cognitive support.† Mental clarity and focus are instrumental in how both the mind and body work together to perform tasks, such as exercising, training, conditioning, or athletic performance. Some of the key adaptogens in e+ include:

  • rhodiola: shown to increase energy, reduce fatigue, and help maintain cognitive function during stressful circumstances.†
  • eleuthero: shown to improve endurance performance by supporting optimal cardiovascular functions and oxygen uptake.†
  • hawthorn berry: evidence supports hawthorn berry’s ability to mediate both the physiological and psychological stress response in the body.†

The combination of energy-boosting caffeine and adaptogens in e+ energy shot distinguishes it from any other energy beverage on the market. The blend of high-quality ingredients in e+ makes it an effective alternative to other energy drinks and shots, which may contain more calories, excessive amounts of caffeine, or artificial colors and sweeteners.

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