So early in the morning I get up and I think as I drink my coffee about my morning about what workout I will do. I do a workout almost everyday! 

So I go into my workout area I do a hard workout and you know when you bend over you don’t know are you going to get sick or just keep pushing? I keep pushing if you do feel like you’re going to throw up stop breath and go at it again. I love working out it makes me feel younger, better ready for the day.  What is your favorite workout? I love cardio, but I also like lifting. 

I love having my eshot & amped power before my workout to give me extra energy and power through any workout. 

After a hard workout I’m ready for the best nutrition I can put in my body my shakes today was Pina colada  I hope they come out with that flavor again so good. 

I love healthy and I love talking to people that want to get into shape and eat better. 

Have a Happy Friday! 

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