Once you see Results, it becomes an Addiction.

It’s Monday and I never felt better on the best products I have ever had.  Some people say oh I don’t think I can do that. I crave our shakes I always think about I’m going to make something else nope I make the shake and forget that I was even thinking about making something else. If I would make something else it would be a recipe that would have our shake in them..:)  When I get up in the mornings I think about my day I think about what workout are you going to do today? Well I go by a schedule I’m doing a hybrid which sometimes I like to go off of it thinking I know better than the schedule. This time I’m gong by the rules. I don’t care for the workout I did today but I did it and abs done!

First thing I do is take my e-shot & amped nox walk in to my workout area and get my workout done! I feel I can go longer and better now that I know what to take. I also feel as I get older having these products help with strength, muscles, & balance.

After my workout I have my shake click on shake for more information.  One thing I love about our program is how you fill up so fast taking the shakes. Also I can walk into any store and not even crave any junk food how great is that? I love not wanting junk food.

Isagenix is about eating clean, healthy protein, non-GMO, healthy protein and complex carbs with a high quantity of vegetables and fruits. We have shakes, bars, juice based products, vitamins & much more.

If you are starting the 30 day we have great shake & cleanse schedules so you know what to take every hour. I love this lifestyle.

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