This is my morning look almost every morning I like working out in the mornings then you have the rest of the day to get things done. I do workout at other places but how many times do you plan on working out with someone and it falls through? So if I get one in a day I feel like its better that none. If I get two in its even better..lol.

Working out is great but you have to keep up good nutrition too! There are so many people who think since I work out I can go have whatever not true my friends. Wants you start eating healthier and you start feeling better and you don’t get sick as much you don’t ever want to put junky food in your body anymore.

Living in the area I do is sometimes hard the choices to eat well sometimes it is hard to eat healthy. I feel sometimes its easier just to eat at home and know what you are eating know the ingredients going in your body. Have you noticed when you eat out anymore they want to always give you rolls, bread, muffins or something before your huge meal?

I feel like it is such a waste too much food. I do appreciate when you go to a restaurant  that they sometimes will ask you do you want rolls? We usually say no because we know that our meal will be so filling we don’t need all of that food.

I kind of got off the topic of what does your gym look like sorry but nutrition & working out go together. What I mean is get your mind set, get your goals set and you will get it!

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