I have always been a true believer of you can’t workout & eat bad. Many people have that if I workout I can go eat junk or drink. NO that is not true you can workout all you want but you still have to eat right.

In the fall if it gets cold and your stuck in the house it makes it harder not to make healthy choices. Or are you invited to a party where they have soda, candy, & cake or cookies? That always makes it tough but if you eat a healthy snack before you go you won’t be quite as hungry and its always good to let the hostess know I’m trying not to eat bad.

People many times ask me what do you eat? What kind of snacks? Well I really have got where I love using myfitnesspal sync up to my fitbit. The hardest part about myfitnesspal is you have to record everything you eat which sometimes becomes unhandy. But what I eat is the simplest things because I’m just like everyone else whose on the run grab and eat. I love having my Isalean Pro shakes  they’re the best! Complete meal replacement fills me up for 2-3 hours that is simple ice, water, shake and go..Or like today I had a IsaLean bar dairy free so yummy and filling and I know that I’m putting healthy nourishment into my body.

Lunch I’ll usually eat lighter salad, or grilled chicken wrap, grilled salmon is one of my favorites. I’m more of a vegetarian so I don’t eat much meat unless I have no choice. Always carry a healthy snack with me so if I don’t eat much at the place we go I can eat it when I get hungry and not feel guilty. It takes time but I have been doing this for awhile you train your body & mind what you want. What does it mean to you? What are you feeding your body with? I don’t really care what others think I know that I want the best nutrition for my body. I have seen too many people our age or younger even in pain, swelling I don’t want to feel like that. I want to keep having this amazing energy feeling great at 53.

Snacks I like so many different snacks raisins with almonds, fruit, green olives, apples with almond butter, veggies and hummus, love guacamole with a few of multi grain chips, pecans with dates, cheese, isadelights dark chocolate, grapes, & so many other healthy options.

Dinner I usually try to stay around 400-600 calories eating healthy is a choice your so worth eating healthy and not feeling miserable, tired, or no energy. Id love to get you started on our program contact me for me to get you started and after 30 days if you’re not satisfied money back guaranteed. Even if you would just like me to add you to our group you can look around and decide if this is the program you would like to be in.

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