Do you use myfitnesspal? I have off an on this time I’m going to try to stay more on track. I’ve been using it now with another group for a couple weeks or more and I really love staying on track with how many calories I take in. Plus did you know you can sync with fitbit which I love using my fitbit so it makes it even better.

Staying on track if you’re wondering how much your eating in a day which a lot of times I ask myself did you eat enough calories? Do you need to eat more? Did I eat to many calories?  Do you wonder why your gaining weight? I a lot of times think why am I gaining I’m eating healthy I’m doing everything right. Well sometimes you have that snack here snack there and all of the sudden yep your gaining. Keep track with myfitnesspal just try it out and see how you do. I was shocked how many times I’m logging my food.

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