Do you ever feel like I don’t want to workout I’m not up to it today?  I was feeling that way today but while my husband went for his treatments I got my workout stuff on. I decided I’m going to workout I’ll feel better. I even told the girl teaching the class I’m not feeling well she said okay just do what you can you might feel better. She was right I felt better and sweated out what I needed to. Something about getting up moving and doing something seems to be the answer to a lot of things..My workout was Body Combat for an hour then I came back home and had a delicious Strawberry Shake click on strawberry shake for more information. Great things about our shakes there approved for kids too! They are so delicious you might have to hide them from the rest of the family..:) The thing is I think I’m having a treat but I’m really putting the best nutrition into my body. Hope you all have a great rest of the day. Keep your chin up and tell yourself you believe in YOU!


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