Its Been Awhile

Where does the time go? I can’t believe its been a year already. I haven’t wrote on here for awhile its so busy. As I know everyone is super busy. At 53 times goes by faster than ever before I think. So I love our program and I would love to help you feel better too! I didn’t think it would be possible to love a protein shake as much as I do! I’m crazy busy and need energy and it gives me that and then some. I love all the products when I first started this program I said 30 days that’s it, I’m still in it just because I love what it does for the body. As you age your muscle growth goes down especially if you lose weight. Well I’m telling you eating right, exercise & our products I feel so strong. I have tried so many different products, and diet things nothing works. Keeping strong as we get older is a challenge to so many of us. Anyhow I have also noticed since doing these products I don’t get crazy cravings like I use to. So its been a long day and I just wanted to write a little before the evening is over and tell you all I’m still working out 5 days a week, sleeping better, and eating healthy.


Home workout before traveling


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