So the humidity has been higher than usual and boy oh boy does it make me sweat..I always take my helpers that I have in my hand before my workout helps me get through it and burn calories. Believe it or not I can’t wait to have my delicious shakes  they have everything I need and fill me up for 3 hours. I’ve been doing this program since April never felt better! More energy, more muscle built up, no more bloating..YAY!!  When you turn 52 you need all that I’m telling you workout in the morning, work till what ever hours. Go home and do more work I need all the help I can get. Health to me is number 1 no matter what. I’m always researching and looking into what is the best for me and anyone else that is interested. What does your health mean to you? Mine means feeling good everyday not getting tired all the time.If you’re ready to feel better message me or send me an email @