So everyday is a new day for me and a blessing at 52 I feel pretty good!  I do a workout get things done out here on the farm and then head to work at our business the rest of the day.

I’m loving the new Nutritional plan I’m on since I’ve started in April I have more energy more get up and go. So many things to do and I actually feel like doing them..:) I need to hurry and write this because I need to hurry get another workout done & head to work so my husband can go to field and work. You always think after the kids are out of the house  things are going to slow down..NO not for us but that’s what keeps you young right? I would love to share with you this plan that I’m doing as we age you lose muscle but not on this program I’ve gain muscle and lost the weight. At 52 I feel better now than I did in my 30’s that is great! I love the shakes in Isagenix they have seasonal shakes that come out Pineapple I loved, Orange Cream is so yummy! So many great products fiber snacks, bars that you can replace a meal with but still get your protein in. Message me for more information. Have A Great Day!


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