Cardio Tuesday

I had to challenge myself today and lift 10’s & 15’s felt great! At age 52 there are times I don’t want to workout there are times I don’t want to eat healthy. But I don’t want to hurt, I don’t want to feel bad about how I look. Never give up on yourself no matter what anyone says to you! I pushed play today and everyday I do I feel better about myself and then I can’t wait to have my Isalean Pro Vanilla shake for breakfast it is a meal replacement shake. Funny how a person looks forward to something but it tastes so good. Are you eating healthy? Are you working out? Don’t stop believing in yourself. You got this you don’t have to workout everyday, take a walk, get some fresh air or ride a bike. Just keep moving keep your head up and tell yourself today is going to be a new day! When you decide you want to feel better than ever before everyone will start noticing. Have a great Tuesday!



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