Chisel Agility & Eating Healthy

Work out today did not have weights focused more on speed, coordination, and power with moves. Moves are 60 seconds each! You do 10 moves get a break for a minute, then do them AGAIN.

Lunch today since its been a little rainy is Turkey Chili with goat cheese. Breakfast was a delicious Isalean Chocolate Shake so good.

  • Isagenix to me is not a diet but a sustainable lifestyle.
  • It’s Not a “weight-loss program” But a “body composition system” that builds muscle while burning fat.
  • It’s NOT a “fast or detox program” BUT a “nutritional cleanse” that supports the body’s natural cleansing/replenishing processes with whole-food nutrition.

As the world’s first & ONLY “total body, deep cellular nutritional cleansing and replenishing system” it delivers many unique and diverse benefits for EVERY single cell and organ system from athletes to non-athletes,….Being such a comprehensive system adaptable to ALL ages and goals it is difficult to simplify too much beyond this.

What’s loved most are the results: more energy, better sleep, more lean muscle, faster recovery, stronger performance and less body fat!

Everyone needs to get this in their body to truly understand what optimal health feels like!


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