Motivation Monday Workout

Happy Monday what motivates you? Getting a workout in seeing results feeling healthy motivates me. For the last 3 weeks I’ve been taking Isalean Pro Vanilla Shakes after workouts. I’ve noticed a difference and my husband has noticed too! Starting to see muscle build up again and feel better with more energy. I also take Isalean Chocolate Shakes at night they don’t have quite as much protein. ISALEAN PRO SHAKE A complete meal replacement with 50% more protein than Isalean shake. Its ideal for muscle development in athletes, muscle retention as you age, and breaking through weigh-loss plateaus.

Isalean PRO leaves you feeling fuller longer.

ISALEAN SHAKE use as a meal replacement

Perfect to help increase energy throughout the day. Lose weight while burning fat and building muscle.

Today’s workout week 2 of Chisel Total Body Workout & Abs great way to start my Monday lifting feeling strong & fit. There are times I want to say that is enough I don’t want to but I know I have to keep pushing if I want to stay in shape and stay fit. It takes dedication working out & eating health makes so much sense. Follow me on facebook  for healthy recipes, working out tips & more.


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