Motivation Monday

New Monday new week new goals! I’m doing Chisel for 30 days I’ve tried following it different ways best way I find is to print it off check it off each day. Today was Chisel Endurance I felt great afterwards. No need to have to do an ab workout afterwards you work your abs the whole workout. I used mainly my 10lb weights today, hopefully next time I do it I can move up to 15lb weights. I love the Chisel workout so far already did Hammer and Chisel which is 60 days of Hammer & Chisel after that they say you can do Hammer or Chisel I decided to do Chisel.

My reward afterwards is getting my delicious meal replacement Shake so good whey protein that is right for me. I finally found a shake that has helped me feel energy, and feel like my body is improving.

Hope you have a great Monday!


Chisel Endurance

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