Saturday Workout

So today I’m feeling more energy more like working out again! That makes me happy like I’ve said before I’m doing Chisel for 30 days & eating healthy. Today I did Power Chisel with the 8lb ball, 15lb weights & 10’s I felt great through the whole workout.

One thing I couldn’t wait to have my IsoLean PRO Vanilla Shake so yummy added 1/2 frozen banana, 1 tsp almond butter & IsaDelight Dark Chocolate mint so good around 250 calories since I did some add ons..:) So anyhow I know people look at me and think she don’t have to try she can have whatever she wants not true. Why do you think I get involved with the healthiest companies?  I watch very carefully what I eat there are times I eat more than I should but I really try to keep my calories to 1280-1300 a day I’ve been tracking my food with myfitnesspal that has helped a lot!  When I talk to women that are around my age we get it in the same spots I know exactly when their telling me in the belly, on the lower back, & my butt. That is where most of us struggle I’m constantly taking pictures comparing today with last week not a lot of changes but today seems I’ve loss some inches which I’m very happy about at 52 and had 3 kids sometimes its a struggle. But I’m loving this new program I’ve been doing Isagenix it has help me so much with cravings I look forward now to having the shakes why I don’t know it is so good and filling it gives me energy. I love hearing all the successful stories of people that have loss so much weight and feel better now  than ever before. Some athletes are taking this just to get prepared for competitions in swimsuit. Anyhow I have so much to do today I hope everybody has a fabulous Saturday and if you have any questions or interests in the products let me know.


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