Chisel Total Body/Flex Friday

Some days are harder than others right? At 52 I have to keep pushing myself so often we are stressed, not in the mood but we have to keep pushing. DON’T GIVE UP! I’m going to do 30 days of Chisel I really love the weight lifting and the cardio. Since its Friday I did a flex I like flexing..lets see yours. My reward was my delicious Isolean Pro Shake so yummy I add some greens 1/2 banana & almond butter.

Feeling great so far Eat a shake replace a meal and I’m full I don’t even get the munchies where I want a snack that is a good thing. Now what is hard is thinking about what are you making for lunch no appetite..that’s not always a bad thing. Hope you have a great weekend! If you would like to talk to me about any of my products I would love to talk to you about how I feel and what they do or send you information.


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