Hammer Build UP

Hammer Build Up today! Using the ball & weights building muscle.

Hammer Build up was very fast paced with little rest. But you have to really get your weights correct as it’s time based. Each set is 30 seconds so you really need it to be super challenging when you’re at the end of that 30 seconds if you want to maximize your strength and results. That should always be the goal! I used 8-15 weights.

After a great workout I enjoyed my delicious vanilla Isalean shake meal replacement fills you up for hours & getting a delicious snack in between.




Flex Friday/Power Chisel

Decided to do Power Chisel had a choice between that and Iso Endurance so I picked this one where you can use your medicine ball 8lb & use weights 8-15lb.

Doing this workout you get ripped from head to toe with hardcore resistance training, isometric holds, and powerful plyometrics.

Feeling this all over feeling my muscle are getting stronger everyday!

Happy Friday!


Power Wednesday

So Wednesday already where does the time go? Today I decided to do Power Chisel with the 8lb ball, 8lb,10lb & 15lb weights. I love this workout you do cardio & lifting which made some burn on the legs you know they are getting a great workout!

Power Chisel is about getting ripped from head to toe with hardcore resistance training, isometric holds, and explosive plyometrics.

The moves include:

  • Squat jumps
  • Upright rows
  •  pull ups
  • hanging knee curls
  • plyo lunges
  • lunges
  • plyo pushups
  • chest presses
  • sumo plyo jumps
  • sumo squats
  • Military presses
  • bicep curls
  • tricep kickbacks
  • core work

After this great workout I made a delicious Isalean Pro Vanilla put cherries in it so yummy! Picture below my video.  



Isalean Pro Vanilla

Cardio Tuesday

I had to challenge myself today and lift 10’s & 15’s felt great! At age 52 there are times I don’t want to workout there are times I don’t want to eat healthy. But I don’t want to hurt, I don’t want to feel bad about how I look. Never give up on yourself no matter what anyone says to you! I pushed play today and everyday I do I feel better about myself and then I can’t wait to have my Isalean Pro Vanilla shake for breakfast it is a meal replacement shake. Funny how a person looks forward to something but it tastes so good. Are you eating healthy? Are you working out? Don’t stop believing in yourself. You got this you don’t have to workout everyday, take a walk, get some fresh air or ride a bike. Just keep moving keep your head up and tell yourself today is going to be a new day! When you decide you want to feel better than ever before everyone will start noticing. Have a great Tuesday!



Cleanse Day/light workout

When you cleanse you don’t want to be to hard on the body so I did an easier workout today Master Cardio with Chisel & Hammer. I love to cleanse every week to get rid of the toxins & lean up my muscles.

Cleansing with Isagenix is not that hard you have an hour by hour schedule so you know exactly what is coming next drink water, have snacks, cleanse, etc..

Cleansing is one of the many reasons that Isagenix systems are different from other “diets”. In fact, diet is really the wrong word to use to describe Isagenix. We offer a collection of systems that work. imageCleanse-Image

Day 8 of Getting Chiseled

So today was a tough day Chisel is tough but I love Autumn Cabrese.

ISO CHISEL STRENGTH  details on this workout:

  • Duration is 35 minutes there are some breaks
  • Goals are strength & stability
  • Equipment that is required weights, pull up bar, & bench

All moves are 10 reps hold 3 times do a little stretch . Squats, pushups, pull ups, step up side & hold, 1 arm row, sit up C-curve & split squats burn man I can feel this all over but it was good.

After my workout I made a delicious Isalean Pro Shake & Orange replenish oh YUM! Taste like an Orange sherbet so good.  Happy Wednesday!


Chisel Agility & Eating Healthy

Work out today did not have weights focused more on speed, coordination, and power with moves. Moves are 60 seconds each! You do 10 moves get a break for a minute, then do them AGAIN.

Lunch today since its been a little rainy is Turkey Chili with goat cheese. Breakfast was a delicious Isalean Chocolate Shake so good.

  • Isagenix to me is not a diet but a sustainable lifestyle.
  • It’s Not a “weight-loss program” But a “body composition system” that builds muscle while burning fat.
  • It’s NOT a “fast or detox program” BUT a “nutritional cleanse” that supports the body’s natural cleansing/replenishing processes with whole-food nutrition.

As the world’s first & ONLY “total body, deep cellular nutritional cleansing and replenishing system” it delivers many unique and diverse benefits for EVERY single cell and organ system from athletes to non-athletes,….Being such a comprehensive system adaptable to ALL ages and goals it is difficult to simplify too much beyond this.

What’s loved most are the results: more energy, better sleep, more lean muscle, faster recovery, stronger performance and less body fat!

Everyone needs to get this in their body to truly understand what optimal health feels like!


Motivation Monday Workout

Happy Monday what motivates you? Getting a workout in seeing results feeling healthy motivates me. For the last 3 weeks I’ve been taking Isalean Pro Vanilla Shakes after workouts. I’ve noticed a difference and my husband has noticed too! Starting to see muscle build up again and feel better with more energy. I also take Isalean Chocolate Shakes at night they don’t have quite as much protein. ISALEAN PRO SHAKE A complete meal replacement with 50% more protein than Isalean shake. Its ideal for muscle development in athletes, muscle retention as you age, and breaking through weigh-loss plateaus.

Isalean PRO leaves you feeling fuller longer.

ISALEAN SHAKE use as a meal replacement

Perfect to help increase energy throughout the day. Lose weight while burning fat and building muscle.

Today’s workout week 2 of Chisel Total Body Workout & Abs great way to start my Monday lifting feeling strong & fit. There are times I want to say that is enough I don’t want to but I know I have to keep pushing if I want to stay in shape and stay fit. It takes dedication working out & eating health makes so much sense. Follow me on facebook  for healthy recipes, working out tips & more. https://www.facebook.com/Des-Healthy-Life-Style-887580388008317/


Saturday Chisel Cardio

So I’m up and going how about you? Cloudy days don’t bother me I got my workout in did Chisel Cardio. Had to ask myself what made me push play today? What is my goal? Well I want to keep working out to feel better and not feel sluggish. My goal is to workout and eat healthy by drinking Isagenix shakes after my workouts I’m building muscles I haven’t seen in along time.  Keep going you got this if you are struggling message me I’d love to help. Don’t give up if you have a bad day brush it off and start over again tomorrow.

Its up to you to keep going or just quit and think I’ll start up another time. Think about yourself and how you want to feel about yourself. Tell yourself you CAN! Make the change.


Chisel Total Body Day 5

Oh how I love building muscle and getting fit. Lifting weights working total body arms & legs. Total body to build strength and create muscle definition. So like Autumn did I used heavier weights lower reps.

Total Body Chisel consists of 3 rounds. Each round had two sets of 3 exercises. 10 reps of each. You get a small rest in between each round.

Motivation is what’s going to get you started, but dedication and forming a habit what is going to get you to your goal.