Happy Day!

After studying and taking notes for over 8 weeks I received my Diploma today I’m so excited about being a Health Coach. I love helping people with eating healthy & workouts! I’m still learning new things everyday what works what don’t. Eating healthy is a life style you either want to eat healthy or you don’t want to. I’m wanting you to know it takes time it gets frustrating sometimes but don’t give up!

There are so many times I don’t feel like working out but when I do it is so worth it. I workout today to Insanity Max3o Sweat Intervals. Do you eat enough protein? I’ve learned lately that is a big part of getting your abs & muscles to stand out. It really works I’ve up my protein and have seen some major changes. I would love to help you find the right products message me if you’d like to talk. Its not only working out you have to eat right too. You know what they say abs are made in the kitchen.

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