Tuesday Motivation

Just a short preview of T25 Ab Intervals when I feel like I need a good ab workout this is the one for me. I actually like any of the T25 workouts they are all really good to get you in shape for any kind of occasion. What is your favorite workouts? Do you just walk? As long as you’re doing something that is better than nothing. I feel better in my 50’s than I did in my 30’s & 40’s just for the simple fact I didn’t take good care of myself on eating right and exercising.

Not saying everyday is an easy day like say today is cloudy out and sometimes I feel like I would just love to wrap up in a warm blanket whether than workout but you know after I workout I smile big because I did it!

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Sunday Mud Fun!

So some Sundays we have mud fun. We invite who ever wants to come out and run their trucks through the mud pit. We had one of our biggest crowds yet this time. So much fun something to do on Sundays too! People bring their families which make it even more fun spending time together and having fun! There are more ways to burn calories believe me when I run up and down that side hill you’re burning calories.

Eating healthy & working out helps me to keep up with these kind of fun Sundays!

What did you do on your Sunday?