Keep Snacking to Drop Pounds

When trying to cut back on calories and lose weight, a common tactic is to avoid snacking. But healthy snacking is an important part of any diet and can actually assist with weight loss.

When hunger hits between meals, choosing the right, nutrient-dense snack can be the difference between meeting weight loss goals and failing miserably because ravenous hunger usually leads to overeating. By eating small portions of nutrient-dense foods throughout the day, you’ll easily meet weight loss goals and provide your body with the nutrition it needs.

Snack to boost metabolism. It’s often thought that when losing weight, metabolism slows. While there’s some truth to this (because there’s less of you to burn energy), you can prevent the metabolic meltdown by eating small frequent meals throughout the day (1). By including healthy snacks between balanced meals, you’re keeping your body in constant burning and building mode.

Snack to curb hunger. When eating small nutrient-dense snacks throughout the day, the body is getting just enough nourishment to curb hunger and keep you satisfied. But you need the right nutrients—studies have shown snacks high in protein and fiber have the strongest effect on satiety (3,4).

Snack to nourish the body. Do you get the recommended 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day? If not, you’re not alone. Only one in four US adults meet the mark (5). Healthy snacking can help promote consumption of nutrient-rich foods including fruits and vegetables. In fact, people who snack are more likely to follow a higher-quality diet with reduced intake of solid fats and added sugars (2).

Snack to manage blood sugar. Snacking has also been shown to support the body’s ability to regulate glucose and insulin (1). With increased control over the body’s glucose and insulin function, and a more continuous supply of nutrients to the body, blood glucose levels will stay steady throughout the day. Avoiding blood glucose spikes and crashes is important to prevent fatigue and temptations to eat for an energy boost.

Choosing healthy snacks

Snacking has increased dramatically with almost 40 percent of people reporting they have three or more snacks per day as compared to 12 percent 30 years ago (6). The problem is that many of these snacks are high in calories, fat, salt, and sugar resulting in increased waistlines. Even more important is what’s not in these snacks: protein and fiber—nutrients that can help you feel fuller longer. They also commonly lack essential vitamins and minerals, making it difficult to meet daily micronutrient needs.

While the vending machine may still reign supreme when it comes to providing snacks on-the-go, the right balance of nutrition is lacking. Luckily, Isagenix provides snack options that cover convenience, the right nutrition, and taste great:

  • FiberSnacks!™ provide a great source of protein and fiber in under 200 calories.
  • Only 90 calories, SlimCakes® are another quick option with a high fiber content that will help curb appetite.
  • Green tea-infused IsaDelight Plus™ Milk or Dark chocolates will satisfy any sweet tooth without the guilt.
  • Protein-packed Whey Thins provide 10 grams of protein in only 100 calories and are a smart alternative to other savory snacks high in salt and fat like potato chips.

For people with higher calorie needs, Isagenix products can be paired with other healthy foods, too. Try Whey Thins with hummus for a guilt-free savory snack option. You can also add a serving of IsaCrunch to Greek yogurt with fresh berries or enjoy half of an IsaLean® Bar along with an apple or some cut up carrots. Remember, fruits and vegetables are always an easy nutrient-packed snack option and should be consumed daily if possible.

What you choose to snack on throughout the day is just as important as what you eat at mealtimes. Consuming snacks low in calories without sacrificing the nutrition can help you achieve your weight loss goals and avoid nagging hunger throughout the day.

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