Organic Raw Hemp Seeds, 16oz

The difference is quite astonishing.  Hempseeds are more yellow and oily, compared to others that are white and dry. Get one of our new bags and pour some in a bowl next to another bowl with some of the current Hempseeds you have and you’ll see the true difference… and the taste…is incredible! Buttery, nutty, smooth and delicious! I believe that the nutrition profile of  Hempseeds far outweighs the others. Just like with their Maca Powder, I simply won’t even eat the others brands anymore.

  • Certified Organic & 100% Raw
  • These new Hempseeds are in the most raw state that I’ve ever seen
  • People can’t believe how oily, buttery and delicious they are. It’s because the oils are still in tact compared to others.

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