Kitchen Sink Veggie Soup

Lunch today is Kitchen Sink Veggie Soup you have a lot of veggies in your produce drawer? This is a great soup to put any and every vegetable in. I love Karma Chow recipes they’re all vegan but they are so delicious. To me its a life style to cook healthy as often as I can.

My husband is so good he is 6 ft. tall he can eat pretty much what ever he wants and don’t have to worry about it. But I love cooking for him and cooking healthy. This is one of my favorite recipes for so many reasons. It makes me happy! I try to make healthy dishes everyday good for him & me.

I do know I’m a fitness person. I do know that exercise and eating healthy go together. You can’t be successful with just one or the other. You need both. Exercise is fitness, and food is health. Who don’t want to be fit and healthy?  I want to be both!


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