First week is done today was a big challenge trying to get all the way through Cardio 2. At 52 you got to stay focused & stay committed or else you hurt yourself and then want to quit. As we age it gets harder. Missing one day now and then is alright not saying everyone has to go as hard as I do. I have witnessed ladies & guys that have stop working out for a couple weeks then try it full throttle and it don’t work. They end up so sore, hurting themselves not wanting to workout again!.

Take baby steps know your limits in every beachbody workout they have modifiers. Yes if you think its to hard you can’t do it like that modify. Another things is keep eating healthy & clean that helps me so much. This workout is only 22 minutes I have a lot to do today but figured I could work in 22 minutes. If you’re interested in this workout or others checkout the my link: Have A Great Weekend!


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