Working out with the troops & Tony Horton today! I always think this is not hard moves you get to the round 3 and the challenge is to keep going. Getting results in 22 minutes only works if you put all you got into it everyday!

I love the beachbody workouts & working out with my group in the evenings they feel the workout every time.

When you are working out think about eating healthy, having your protein and watch the weight melt. As your beachbody coach I would love to help you with your goals.

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Cookies N’ Cream

I love the Cookies N’ Cream from idealshape you can make it alone and its just as good but I like to make mine with fruit & almond milk or yougurt, fruit, 1/2 scoop cookies’n cream. This way after my workout today I can have another shake..When you take idealshakes you lose weight and this is how:

  • Controls hunger and cravings for up to 3 hours with  all-natural hunger-blocker blend
  • No “deprivation” feelings… you get to enjoy a dessert-like smoothie every day!
  • 11g high-quality, whey protein helps you build more lean muscle when exercising, so you burn even more fat
  • Convenient and affordable, just $1.67 per meal or less!

Block Hunger and Increase Fat Loss

It’s a cold hard fact: if you can’t control your hunger and calorie intake, you can’t lose weight. IdealShake makes it easy with a low-calorie meal replacement shake that’s proven to block hunger for up to 3 hours.

Plus, with our new and improved Cookies ‘N Cream IdealShake you’ll be getting 11g of 100% whey protein. Whey protein is easy to digest and quickly absorbed by your body. The new all whey formula gives IdealShake a velvety-smooth, rich and thick texture. Cookies ‘N Cream is also the first of its kind to include VitaFiber and our New Digestive Blend to improve GI health and to help break down fiber.

Replace 1 meal a day with IdealShake or accelerate your fat loss by replacing 2 meals a day. In addition to feeling fuller between meals, you’ll get daily nourishment with whey protein, fiber, and 22 vitamins and minerals.

IdealShakes make a great base for smoothies. Or keep it simple and just add water! With IdealShake you’ll never have to “cheat” on your diet… but it might FEEL like you are!

Why Our Hunger-Blocking Blend is Different

Most meal replacement shakes only use fiber to fill you up, but it’s rarely enough to get you to your next meal. We use a unique blend of protein, fiber and the hunger-blocker Slendesta, an all-natural potato protein extract with no reported side effects. You won’t find it in any other shake on the market.

With other shakes, you have to add the hunger-blocker separately, which can change the texture and taste of the shake. IdealShake comes with our hunger-blocker built in, and we made sure it’s smooth, creamy and delicious!

Servings: 30 servings

We are so confident in our product, we give you 30 days to try it out. If you don’t like it, return it for a full product price refund.