Which Diet is best?

I have tried so many different cleanses & diets. There are so many different ones such as:

  • Paleo Diet

Positives: Grains-Gluten free, eat Real Foods-No bars-Dairy Free-Stay balnce

Negatives:-Pork & Shell Fish

  • Vegetarian-Vegan Diet

Positives-High in enzymes, High in antioxidants, Organic Focused

Negatives- Carb Overloaded, No B-12, Amino Acid Deficiency, Low in Health Eat-Fat

  • The SCD-GAPS DIET- Is some peoples favorite one.

Positives-Easiest to Digest, Nutrient Dense, Heals the Gut

Negatives-Hard compliance-Restrictive, No grains, bone broth, you have to cook-People have forgot.

  • The Clean Eating Diet

Positives-Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Nutrient Dense

Negatives-Low in healthy fat, non-organic, hard on gut

  • Traditional Diet- ** My Choice Realistic

Positives-Real Food, Historically Proven, Easy to Digest, Realistic, Probiotic Rich

Negatives-Time in the Kitchen really its not that bad wants you get use to it.

  • Intermittent Fasting

Positives-GI System Rest, Hormone support, less calories

Negatives-Men do better than Females, Low Fuel, Long-Term deficiencies, overeat during meals.

Like I said my favorite is the Traditional Diet I have come to love cooking in the kitchen knowing every ingredient going into my food is a plus.

Whats your favorite? Leave me a comment


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