Trying to stay Focused


It’s Monday trying to stay motivated and getting a workout in plus studying Health & Nutrition.

My workout today was Chisel Endurance take can’t out of you vocabulary and you can do it!

My workout went something like this today:

  1. Bench run ups 1 minute on left-1 minute on right
  2. Negative pull ups for 1 minute
  3. Step-Up on bench cross over Right for 1 minute-left 1 minute
  4. Decline push ups I use a balance ball do push-ups for 1 minute.
  5. Hand Row- Right side 1 minute-Left side 1 minute
  6. Incline Press use my balance ball 1st round I used 8lb 2nd round I use 10lb. 1 minute
  7. Plank Hold knee taps 2 rounds 1 minute each

I also did 10 minute abs. I’ll have a workout class at 5:30PM then walk with a group should be a great day! #motivationmonday

What workout did you do today?



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