Eating Healthy & Working Out

I love working out but there is more to it than just working out to get healthy. I constantly tell people that ask me what workout can I do to lose ? I first ask what are you eating?

How much do you eat? You have to workout quite a bit to work off donuts, chips, fried foods. Its not easy I have become very happy eating as healthy as I can feeling great. One of the first things I do when I look at a label is look through the ingredients if there are things such as sugar, syrups, white flour, & so on. So below I listed somethings you can replace to eat healthier.

Replace Vegetable Oil or Canola Oil with * Extra Virgin Olive Oil (for drizzles, dressings, and low-medium heat.)

Replace Refined Cereal with *Breakfast Smoothie

Replace White or Wheat Flour with *Coconut Flour *Sprouted Spelt Sourdough * Almond Flour

Replace Pasta with *Brown rice Pasta *Quinoa Pasta *Ezekiel Pasta *Spaghetti Squash

Replace Bread & Wraps with *Ezekiel Bread/Tortillas *Lettuce *Brown rice Tortillas (Food For Life)

Replace Cows Milk with *Almond Milk *Coconut Milk *Raw Goat’s Milk

Replace Salt with * Sea Salt *Himalayan Sea Salt *Celtic Sea Salt

Replace Sugar with *Stevia * Raw Honey *Agave Eat less crap


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