What Does Keto Do to My Body?

Ketogenic Diets have grown in popularity and criticism over the last twenty or so years. Popular Ketogenic Diets include: South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet (induction phase only) and several natural diets all over the world used by various tribes and peoples.

Ketosis, to put it simply, is the state in which you burn fat for fuel. The human body isn’t stupid, it will burn what it has in most abundance that yields the most energy for its volume. Carbs (some) burn up quick but are packed with INTENSE fuel that yield large bursts of energy. Compare this to an energy drink that a lot of modern culture seems to adore. Fat and protein burn slowly and allow a steady stream of energy; your energy levels won’t soon crash because your body can’t get rid of it near as fast as carbohydrates.

Ketosis also helps regulate your blood without complications. Involving complex carbs into your diet causes your body to heighten your blood sugar and as a result produce insulin. This stuff is nasty in large amounts; consider it to be your blood’s very own personal, fat-kicking police force. High blood sugar is interpreted as TOXIC by your body, so the insulin regulates your blood to cleanse it. Soon, though, your body starts struggling to keep up; when you take high amounts of carbs (sugar) and the insulin cant keep up….your body converts sugar to fat and insulin stores it in cells. Your body is capable of regulating your blood sugar on its own without help when you aren’t mainlining so much sucrose. Ketogenic diets avoid such problems!

“But what about heart disease and cholesterol? I DON’T WANNA DIE; BACON ISN’T WORTH IT!”

There is no evidence linking ANY bad cholesterol or heart disease with animal fat. Early human beings ate more than FIVE TIMES the modern recommended intake of animal fat and protein; do not worry about high ANYTHING while on Keto other than energy levels.

What Do I Eat and Why?

I’m a firm believer in having a varied, balanced diet. Keto offers plenty of options in this department. The fact is that you eat exactly what you want to. Some keto-ers do their entire meal plans with bacon and eggs with multi-vitamins. Some do all veggies, some fish and eggs with NO vitamins. I, personally, eat everything. Leafy greens, beef, pork, chicken, fish, and eggs are a part of my regular diet.

Yes, you can do keto as a vegetarian (/r/vegetarianketo) or even a vegan (/r/veganketo).

“So whats up with fat, protein and fiber and all that crap? What does it all mean?”

Fat is essentially satiety. Eating fat keeps you full and makes you not want to gorge on french fries and coke every two hours. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to eat 100000g of fat to stay in ketosis. Though it is GOOD for ketosis, it has nothing to do with how much fat you take in. Protein is muscle fuel, to put it simply. Maintaining protein levels keeps you burning fat and not muscle tissue. While little evidence is present to suggest you NEED fiber in your diet, it can be used keep your bowels in check. PLUS, you naturally get fiber from leafy green veggies. Green veggies, while being delicious, are rich in vitamins A and K AND fiber. So why dislike fiber when it comes with all kinds of amazing beneficial nutrients. EMBRACE THE GREENS.

Carbs, carbs, carbs. As long as you’re generally under 20 grams of them per day, you’re fine. but try to get those carbs in vegetables or nuts (simple carbs!). Fiber is technically a carb, but we love it to death. You often hear Ketoers mention the term net carbs. Net carbs are the amount of carbohydrates in a food minus the fiber, as you cannot digest fiber and it doesn’t cause an insulin response. Its important to note that fiber isn’t an undo button, though. You can’t eat a bowl of ice cream with green beans and subtract carbs from the ice cream. You subtract it from the carb count of the food that contains the fiber. In general, try to get all the colours in food you can. Doing so ensures that you’re getting a wide variety of nutrients and even minerals. (Mmm…liver).

Are There Bad Foods out There?

Ketogenic diets aren’t just about eating butter and shedding fat. It’s about improving overall health. While things like hot dogs and Velveeta (processed cheese) are TECHNICALLY ketogenic in that they don’t contain tons of carbs…they’re generally not the best in terms of WHAT is in them. What’s in them you ask? Read the ingredients and see for yourself. If you cannot replicate an item in your kitchen… chances are you shouldn’t be eating the stuff anyway. Take pride in your food and what you make. Buy a low carb cookbook or try new recipes from pinterest. Buy fresh, local ingredients. CHALLENGE YOURSELF. Adopting a positive lifestyle around a diet can circulate into other facets of your life, too. That being said, when faced with the choice of un-organically sourced pork and a cream cake, use your common sense and opt for the lesser of two evils. Don’t use a bad situation as an excuse for poor judgement.

 Exercise – Where Do I Start?

This is perhaps the most controversial question in all of for the community. Exercise is great for your health, there is no question about it. Does exercise contribute largely to weight loss? Not really. The answer of if you should or should not lies within the question of what YOU want from a ketogenic diet. Do you want to shred tonnes of weight? Do you want to build way more muscle? Do you want to do both at the same time? Do you just want to tone muscle? All of these come into play when exercise becomes involved. Someone like Gary Taubes will tell you that exercise isn’t for weight loss because it leads to overeating later and you often eat more than you burned with the rigorous exercise. For way out of shape people, this may be the way to go for MOST of the weight loss journey. If you can exercise and not overeat, by all means continue. What exercise you take up is up to you. Do something you enjoy, simply put. Do you like running? Buy a pair of shoes and have at it. Cycling your thing? Bike to your heart’s content! It’s all good for you but remember to never let exercise get in the way of your goal. Take things in stages. Maybe you need to lose a hundred pounds or so before you start involving cardio or HIIT. This isn’t supposed to happen overnight. There is no right or wrong answer other than whats appropriate for you. Exercise is important for health but not a complete staple for weight loss.

How Long Should I Do Keto?

The short answer is for as long as possible. Some of us indulge more in carbs when we reach our target fitness but many of us never go back. After all, you don’t tell a druggie or an alcoholic to partake once in awhile for indulgence sake! This isn’t meant to be a temporary fix or an excuse to go back to binging on hundreds of grams of carbs.


I can’t decide if I like summer or fall better. All I know is I feel like I need to wash my hair more. I don’t like feel grungy but for the last couple of days I’ve been feeling warm. Has not stop me from working out though. I need to keep busy and that is one of my routines I do unless we’re traveling. I feel like I haven’t been giving it my all lately. I don’t know maybe it’s from everything going on in the world. I will be 57 next month I think I’m starting to feel some of the signs. I always thought I would not get older but I think it’s happening. I love the gel I take helps keep my hormones balanced. I can’t express how important that is. That and a healthy diet. I finally found the one for me and that is Keto/carnivore I love not being hungry all the time. Ones that eat high carbs you know you get hungry every couple of hours. I don’t miss that. Lately I haven’t been hungry probably because of the heat. I tried a new product for awhile Keto chow shake I was having that around 10AM it a replacement shake. It kind of messed with my tummy so not sure I’ll keep taking that. So yesterday I decided to make 4 eggs in my airfryer. I will take them along on our trip to South Dakota.

Today I did the workout Max Out Strength and I did modify quite a bit but I got through it hope I don’t pay for it all day like yesterday. I only drank half my coffee today it was just to warm. I’ll put a video up of my workout just parts of it.


Truly no excuses not staying focused. But for some reason today I was all over the place sheez. I have a few things on my mind lately..lol Just a few.

So today I did insanity Max Interval which I didn’t think was to bad you get several water breaks throughout the workouts. It’s always good to stay hydrated. But sometimes I get too much water in my belly then it gets harder to jump around. And I’ll tell you right now doing this workout I was a little nervous and already thinking of a quick back up plan to do a different workout. I seriously thought about it. But I stuck with this one and glad I did. This workout was around an hour long plenty long for me. But I seemed to get through it. I almost got in panic mode a couple times but then just kept working out. Warm up alone is intense and you think you are in the full workout nope. Your doing

*Jog, *Jumping Jacks-Arms up, *123 Heisman, *Jump Rope side-side, *High knees-Arms out, *switch kicks, *hit the floor, *side-side floor hops..Yeah that is just the warm-up..Oh boy. Just remember you don’t have to go as fast as all of them. I’m older..lol..

Doing these workouts gives me more strength, greater power and endurance. It might also be the great products I’m doing like the gel .

If you haven’t’ checked it out go check out the gel it is great stuff. Naturally, cells divide only a certain amount of times in the body. The cell division process begins at the time of conception and is necessary for the development and growth of a life. As we grow, cells divide and multiply; however, as we continue to get older cell division slows down. Just saying the gel has helped me in so many ways. You don’t even know how its working but its taking care of my body. That way I don’t have to be on medications hopefully never. 🙂

Anyhow I need to get back to work just thought I’d stop in and write a little.

Show a few pictures of my workout and day.


So today was crazy! But I had to get my workout in. I got it done before my dentist appointment which was at 8:30AM. I was glad I got it done since we are getting ready to take off on the road again. Getting a workout done when you have a busy schedule is hard but well worth it. I know when I’m on the road I’ll get a lot of exercise in.(hopefully) Today was T-25 Lower Focus I was glad it was only 25 minutes then a bonus ab workout for 15. I was also fasting today didn’t quite make my 16 hours just because I had to much going on. I only had a protein shake but that breaks the fast. So after a long day getting to go see my mom and talk to our new pastor he went and gave her communion and us. We came home and started to make things for the road and get the camper packed. I made some sloppy joes (keto) and peanut butter cookies. Kip made coleslaw, I also made up some cucumbers & onions that I’ll cream. Having our own food works out so good for me since I’m strict keto/carnivore. It sometimes is hard especially when I check ingredients on items and they have sugar. There are several different ways though to make items without sugar when you make them yourself. They might not taste quite as good but at least you know all the ingredients in you food. I did find some delicious Marinara sauce from our local store in town good ingredients no sugar. Is there a special diet you follow? Do you take certain things to lose weight? I’m trying just to eat keto & workout. I’d love to do just carnivore for a week or two. Anyhow below you will see how my workout turned out today. All lower body. Follow along have fun with it.


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Everyday I get up feeling pretty good. I always wonder what is my workout going to be today in my 60 day challenge. First thing I do is put on my gel for joint support & energy. At 56 I’m thankful for everyday feeling great. I’m also very thankful I feel like working out. The only one that matters is YOU. My husband don’t care if I workout or not yes he thinks it’s great when I do but if I didn’t want to he wouldn’t care. So it’s an addiction of feeling better about myself and about life. For the last 15 years I”ve been so interested in the body, what makes it feel great what makes it feel not great. What diet is the best? I always love to hear about how people are feeling and asking me what can they improve. First thing to improve your life would be cut the sugar. Your body deserves the best so eat right, exercise or walk. I got another busy day. So I need to get up push myself to get in there and workout. I love a challenge and I’m doing a 60 Day Challenge. It would be easy to quit but I’m not a quitter.

Being keto/carnivore has worked for me it don’t work for everyone. But you need to learn what makes your body feel best. I still eat vegetables just certain ones. Try to stay away from processed foods they have so many hidden things that are not good for the body. Okay going to do Strength for Asylium


It’s Not Just Exercise. It’s Your Hormones.
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So today was Fast & Furious and don’t let them fool you. It’s only 20 minutes but it hard cardio at least for me anyway.lol. As we go through this 60 Day challenge I invited as many as I could that I thought would be interested in working out & not quitting. There are days like today I was stalling on doing this workout. I’ve done Fast & Furious before it’s not my favorite. Some reason today it wasn’t as bad but I still was panting. So the workout for 20 minutes then 3 sets of 24 biceps, 24 chest presses, & 24 tricep dips. My arms were on fire. 🙂 Great feeling. So one of my friends that are doing this challenge is really working hard and staying dedicated. So proud of her. I’m not with BB anymore I have nothing bad to say about them except the shakes and stuff were not working that great for me at the end. I do have Beachbody on demand and she does too. So we do workouts off of it. I’m thinking I must of seen ShaunT announce the 60 Day Challenge. So that’s how I got in it. He said it cost nothing except to be with BOD we both are so we’re doing this. This group is very inspiring and so glad to be feeling better everyday. I really been feeling my body change since starting the 60 Day Challenge.

I’ve talked to you guys before about the gel since starting this 60 day challenge I’m doing it morning & night where before I only did it at night. It helps with muscle, & joint recovery. I’m pretty sure it helps me get more toned as I age too. My husband is pretty bony since using the gel he is getting more muscle growth & feeling better everyday.

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Here is my workout today:

Your body deserves the best


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What is HGH?

Human ​Growth ​Hormone ​(HGH) ​is ​a ​single-chain ​peptide ​hormone ​produced ​from ​the ​pituitary gland, ​the ​master ​gland ​in ​the ​body.​

This ​is ​the ​hormone ​that ​helps ​you ​grow ​throughout ​childhood, hence ​the word ​“growth”. ​Around ​the ​age ​of ​20 ​HGH ​is ​at ​its ​peak, ​and ​then ​plummets ​around ​the age ​of ​25. This ​is ​when ​the ​dreadful ​aging ​process ​begins, ​as ​this ​hormone ​slowly ​declines ​for ​the rest ​of ​your ​life. ​But ​don’t worry, ​growing ​isn’t ​the ​only ​thing ​HGH ​is ​good ​for.​

Many ​experts ​say ​that elevating ​growth ​hormone ​when ​you ​are ​older ​can ​bring ​back ​your ​levels.


So today is Day 8 of 60 of this craziness. Somedays are better than others. I have learned one thing from working out this long even if you can’t get the move down just keep moving your feet. That is what I did today. Sometimes jumping to much gets to me. That’s alright I can just keep moving and still get some great results. So that is what I did today just kept moving even if I could keep up with all the crazy jumps. I still got a sweat on and got a good workout in. Not only were there jumps, but many pushups, & weight lifting. I like today’s workout.

When you like what you’re doing and feel great it’s all worth it. Feeling like I’m getting in better shape with the breathing and jumps. This one really had me sweating I did Speed 4.0 on Sunday morning I was sweating from that one too. You know what that means when you are sweating good you’re burning calories. Happy Monday.